To deliver maximum value to the business, it is critical that your PLM systems work seamlessly with the latest digital and emerging technologies. One hot area is digital twinning that combines PLM with advanced tech like augmented reality (AR) to enable better predictability, improved collaboration, and create faster innovation cycles.

With 30+ years of experience developing solutions for leading manufacturers across the entire value chain, Syntel specializes in PLM solutions – with the knowledge and skills to help evolve your core PLM systems and go digital with IoT and augmented reality.

Some of the cutting-edge manufacturing solutions we have delivered for our clients include: 

  • Helping improve machine reliability for a large U.S. automaker with real-time IoT-based monitoring and failure prediction
  • Generated a significant new revenue source by developing a global, scalable and modular IoT platform for a large durable goods manufacturer
  • Enabled seamless interaction between users and support teams with global PLM integration and services management for a leading appliance manufacturer
  • Optimized release to manufacturing process by delivering an end-to-end PLM implementation for a heavy equipment manufacturer
  • Reduced cycle time, improved system reliability and optimized supplier collaboration for a leading truck manufacturer

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Leverage the Power of Industrial IoT with Syntel

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming companies by dramatically improving factory productivity, efficiency and performance through smart, connected operations.



Exploit the Power of IoT & reimagine business models with Syntel’s Connected IoT Solutions

Smart businesses are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to create products that serve consumer needs and create new business opportunities. Whether your business is evolving or mature in the IoT space, Syntel can help kick-start or accelerate your IoT journey.



Maximize the Return on your PLM Investment With Syntel

Increasing product complexity makes it difficult to efficiently manage product information throughout the product development lifecycle. Syntel’s PLM practice enables manufacturers to keep pace with fast-changing market requirements, maximize value across the value chain and ensure faster time to market.



Augmented Reality (AR): Accelerating Productivity for Manufacturers 

In the digital age, keeping pace with innovation is not a differentiator, but a basic requirement. Augmented reality is one technology that promises to accelerate innovation — enabling rapid prototyping, reduced production downtime, assisted services and giving enterprises a digital edge. 




Realizing Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have been around for some time but there is renewed excitement about their potential. Syntel's Digital One Innovation Center of Excellence has developed Proofs of Concept that demonstrate the power of AR/VR to enterprises and paving the way for our clients to execute future applications.



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